Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving

Staring into the crowd the Kapa Haka crew was ready to start their performance. Standing tall yet nervous about the whole thing. The girls were really brave and to start off a song.

As the Kapa Haka crew they had to perform as the first act for the last prize giving of the year.

Thursday 13th December 2012 was when prize giving had started. Juniors at 2:00pm-3:00pm and Seniors at 7:00pm-8:30.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


What an unusual unique date. This date 12th December 2012 has been explained as the date the world was going to end. But this information was false. This date only comes once and never to come again.

Well it was featured by the movie 2012. This movie was created in 2009. We Were Warned some say but this year has totally change.

Do you believe that the world is going to end.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Freinds

Makayla, Annexe, Jessica are my friends. As you can see they are all girls. When I am upset or have trouble I can count on them. I think??? Sometimes  friends have their ups and downs but they always have your back no matter what.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beginning the year 8 camp trip

FYear 8 Camp by Te Roimata

Squeaky wheels of suitcases rolled towards the Pt England hall along with the other bags that were lined from biggest to smallest for the trip to Ngaruawahia. 

Gathering into the hall with our bags lined up, Year 8 campers were really excited to get away from school and have a great 4 days at camp.  

Tuesday the 4th was the day that we left. But before we left we had to get into our groups. There were 8 groups. Waingaro A & B, Taupiri A & B, Waikato A & B and also Ngaruawahia A & B.  That's heaps right? Anyway out of 8 groups I was in Waingaro B.

Waiting and waiting for the bus we lined in our groups in the breeze. If you don't know what a breeze is I could tell you. At our school a breeze is just a shade area. So if you don't have a hat and your supposed to you just go into the breeze. Any way back to the story. 

We lined up to wait for the bus. To pass time Mrs Nua asked us to pick our captains for our group. Our leaders were Selena H and Matthew Ryan because they would make the best leaders in our team.  

Finally the bus had arrived. First there were helpers to load the bus before we aboard the bus. After everything was finished we were separated into two buses. 25 on one bus and 30 on another. 

That was how we began our trip towards Ngaruawahia.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Tragic Summer Narritive

Down on a  beautiful countryside right on a hill lived a family of four, Susie (Mum), Matthew (Dad), Christian and Max. It was very hot and the family wondered what they might do in the hot summers heat.

Heat was bursting through their beautiful lounge windows.  “What a hot day” stated Dad. “Who wants to go for a swim?” he asked enthusiastically as though he wants to get out of the house quickly. “We do!” shouted the two kids excited to go swimming. The only way they could get down to the beach was to slide down a huge slide and land right on the beach. It was created in 1975 by their great ancestors.

“Yay!” the kids screamed and shouted as they felt the cool waters beneath their feet. “This is way better than being cooped up inside the house” explained Mum. This was more than a simple summer but an really overrated one. Where the sun was beating down hard and the waves were coming in strong that it nearly wiped the kids away. Tanning in the sun Mum and Dad enjoyed their day outside. But something ruined their small summer evening.

A shadow was lurking in amongst the seaweed. “That’s weird” said Max. “That’s not our shadow” he said mysteriously. “AAAAAHHHHHhhhhh” screamed Christian as her leg was tugged and pulled underneath the silent sea. Gasping for air Max tried to look for his sister but their was no sight of his poor innocent sister.

Later that night everyone ran out with their torch and searched and searched until daylight came.  “I think I found something” stated Greg, Christian’s uncle. “Please say that it’s Christian” sobbed Max, “is she alive?” he stammered.  “Sorry son” his father said sadly. “Your gone” he sobbed as well as the body of his daughter was hard to look at. Christian’s mother was also crying her heart out wishing that she had her only daughter back.

Then the next day all of the family came to her beautiful yet sad event. Everyone was crying but was happy that she was in a better place with her grand parents.  

Netboo Reflection 2012

This year the use of having a netbook is really handy. It has been a great year with the netbook. Being a year 8 means that I get to use it at College next year. Tamaki College is the college that I will be attending.

The first year when I had my netbook was last year, being a year 7. I didn't know what to do until Mrs Burt showed us how.

At Pt England School we have had the netbooks for 3 years. These small laptops are very clever in their own ways. Some netbooks have smart settings and more.

This years internet is way slower than last years internet wireless. Maybe it's because we have more students on netbooks?

The netbooks have improved my learning by going on websites that helps me and games that are mad for teaching how to type or even how to learn different sorts of ways to learn maths.

Will I ever go back to pencil and paper? No way because with these netbooks it's easier to type than write plus there is more exciting things online than in a book.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Term 4 Reflection

This Term, Term 4 was an very interesting term. Laughter, sadness, Sacrifice, Dedication and Desire. All things bring an amazing ending to the year.  Being a Year 8 is really sad because all these 8 years at Pt England School has been great. Going on outings and trips, exploring things and also spending time together. This has been a great year.

Next week the year 8’s are going to Ngaruawahia for camp. This will be a great experience. But today the athletics final is being held at the Pt England Reserve. Hopefully our Pt England students will try their best and succeed and win victory. Good Luck Pt England.

Even though this my last year at Pt England, this school has taught me heaps. Striving to succeed and choosing to believe. Don’t give up on dreams and more. This has been the best 8 years ever.